Measures of Preventing Malaria

Mosquito control is the best solution in the prevention of the malaria. The reason is that the mosquitoes are the vectors for the parasites that cause malaria.

While feeding on the blood of the human being, these mosquitoes transfer the parasites, thus causing in malaria. At present there is no vaccine available that can prevent the malaria. There is nothing to worry, as serious research is on to find one. Till then mosquito eradication and protecting oneself from the mosquito bite is the only possibility.
Mosquito Eradication

Of course the cost of preventing malaria is much less than treating the same in the long run. But preventing the malaria is not all that easy. The reason is the omnipresence of mosquitoes. Eradication of mosquito is not at all easy; every one will know this fact.

For effective prevention of the malaria, conducive conditions in the country, data collection about the disease, targeted technical approach to the problem, very active and committed leadership, government’s total support, monetary free hand, community involvement, skilled technicians at all levels [national and sub national] and proper implementation are essential.
Mosquito Protection

Adopting malaria prevention precautions to protect yourself against catching the disease found to be very useful. Application of mosquito repellents on the areas where your clothing doesn’t cover particularly your hands and your neck. Use of mosquito nets in your bedroom also proved to be useful to some extent.

Even you can approach the suitable insurance agencies for mediclaim policies to cover against this disease on the event of outbreak in your family.